As you know winter season come with lots of enjoyment and fun. People want to entertain with outdoor and home parties. You need an elegant decoration that much impress your guest and after that she remember long time. Here we try to display unique and attractive ideas of table preparing. Timeless and cheap ideas I assure you first time look. Now let’s go and entertain with these decorations of tea light candles from below!

Natural Tree Log Candle Holder:


Get a slice natural tree log to make comfortable decoration of tea light candles. Sit the tree log on smooth table surface and dig hole in it with short distance.  It will be totally look natural and release awesome beauty. You have never looked earlier this artistic look creation for display some thing unique on special party. It will fully safe and great idea.

Apple Tea Light Candle Holder:


Fall season apple fruit can light your hall room imagine, I assure you become confuse how can it happened. So look in above image with little effort a delightful centerpiece that attracts people creates. In red fresh apple dig a hole from top and drop tea light candle. Place all apples on number of wood thin log. You can develop on yourself this one different but perfect center piece.

Champion Glass Tea Light Candle:


Champion glass table decoration is great and effortless. Under this idea you need material like pair of champion glass, green leaves branches, and round tea light candles. Fill each one green leaves branch in champion glass and place in back movement.  End of glass make a layer of leaves and top of these enjoy candles. Personally I love with champion glass tea light table decoration.

Lime and Herbs Candle Holder:


Here we supply touch of elegant that you can follow in cold season. Green color decoration of table makes fresh and enjoyable environment that like other and inspired with it. Lim and herbs play key role in tea light table accent. Instant glowing beauty look create when you get this one image styling.   In white color plate herbs used for borderline the lime candle holder.

Fish Bowl Tea Light Candle Holder:


Create a sense of beach party at your home with sea bowl tea light candle holder placement. Fill the fish bowl with sand, star fish, and conch sea shell that really give beach side feelings. White color tea light glow in center. Like the idea of fish bowl for table decoration and tell your guest about your taste.

Pine Cone Tea Light Candle Holder:


Enjoy home party with pinecone glittery tea light candle holder. Shimmering expression create on table top when you listed pine cone between green leaves series. Dark color pine cone when get glitter color its beauty enhance. White color tea light candle highlight the table center piece. Fresh and function look create in this table treatment.

Winter Party Tea Light Candle Holder:


Fall in winter with favorite bright color display. For Christmas festive or other you can make red and purple cranberries table decoration. Plating the cranberries in long red tray with green leaves boundary. In center of fruit you can place color full tea light candle. This one tables enough for any party to serve food or coffee that enjoys the guest with front interesting scene.
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