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I love stone and like to play with these like I played in my childhood. Here we bring lots of creative ideas can do with cost less stones, pebbles. You can make garden, indoor and outdoor project very easily. Make you weekend special by doing stone ideas that require little time.

These ideas live long with you so try at least one time. You should collect stones that available at all side. Here we share stone heart, plant holder, wall frame, tea mat, bath mat, candle holder and so other.  Look further Diy stone decoration scroll down the page!

Stone Garden Decoration:

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Stones are superb way to update your garden when you have not lots of money. Rocks and stone natural material offer you paint these and give them cactus plant look. Different size and shape rocks are collected and then decorate with green and white brush paint. Its interesting ideas and best as compare to buy plant from market. Unique style appearance of your garden can impress the coming guest.

Diy Stone Heart:

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You are art master then copy any idea not difficult for you. You can perform Diy stone heart very quickly. For stone heart require material include metal wire, net and stones. Draw heart and cover it with net very neatly and at last fill it with stones. Hang out stone heart in garden, corridor of home or any place where it visible. Lots of entertainment can achieve through this Diy idea.

Stones Chandelier:

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Check this easy project made with stone and live long in your home. You think how create it and what other material have used. Don’t worry just read us and learn fun craft that timeless as well as cost less. Get two wood boards in to square and rectangular shape.

Paint the wood board and left for dry. Once the board becomes dry nail the picture handles at the back of wood board. Use l-shape to rescue the rectangular board. Apply stones by use of hot glue front of board.

Diy Stones Mat:

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On this weekend try this cool pebbles mat project best suited for each home. You can draw it circular position or rectangular close to front door or bath. It good Diy project do it yourself and enjoy other. Not need to spend lots of money just gathers stones and starts it. All you need hot glue gun to arrange the pebbles over fabric mat.

Stones Tea-Mat:

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You should collect some smooth, clean, rocky shape stone and tick them with glue. Leave the surface until cold and check entire is cover. What look of stone mat appear see in above image. You can easily place glass pot or any other depends on your taste.

Stone Wall Frame:

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We see stones anywhere like on beach, in forest, garden so collect them to inspire with Diy project. We sure stones are unnoticed material in the world. Rocks and pebbles give you wonderful ideas that you can perform yourself. Stone Mountain art give a lesson to you and coming people. Stone art message delivering idea you can perform in classroom to learn students how step by step they got success.

Artificial Succulent Plant:

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Diy succulent plant display you can enjoy at home. Glass jars fill with stones and in which colorful handmade succulent plant are decorated. Artificial plant display is personal idea that people appreciate.

Cool Candles:

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It’s really amazing craft for any special occasion and looks romantic. You can adorn stone candles in family dinner, wedding ceremony, and religious festival. Stone candles bring a wonderful display in your home that like others.

Stone Candle Holder:

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Earlier you have learned stone candle but candle holder is different project. Different size stone first paint to create easy Diy candle holder. Smooth stone place on one another with use of glue. Top of stone glow candle and it will be great surprise for your guest. High candle holders spark each corner of the room.

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