In this post First we introduce with yellow color psychology, the color yellow bright color of the visible spectrum. It means happiness, energy, cheerfulness. Yellow is the color of sun shining, bright light and help us to find new ways of doing. Non emotional yellow color basically comes from head rather than the heart. On wet and cloudy day yellow is not easy to see. If you want some change in your home yellow color is very well perform with great tolerate.

With two color scheme in which one is classic yellow you can update your home beauty. Cool yellow make lovely contras with any other color that you’re best. You can easily list down the yellow in your home living room, kitchen, bedroom, guest room, balcony, study room. Our ideas about classic yellow home decoration more help you.

Stepping Up Your Yellow Stair:


If your home has wood stair it’s easy to turn them into brown and yellow. You become bore and dull with black and white but now coat the entire stair and railing. Look in above image bright floor contras in white and sunshine yellow. Due to wood stair color really become easily display the photo collage on wall. Visibility of home stair much attracts everyone who enters in living room.

Embracing Yellow Modern Glamorous Room:


Hmmmmm you can say it my home sweet home. Modern glamorous room beauty gets with blue and yellow contras. Soft and fluffy white carpet used for arranging the wood and steel mix furniture. Upholstered yellow chair with low length side table set whose legs are coat in golden. Drift wood lamp hand on royal blue wall. Natural scene gets with front glass table vase and book decoration.

Cheerful Yellow Living Room:


Make a cheerful yellow look of your living room with gray contras. Natural wood sofa set covered up with yellow fabric on that gray color cushion are set. Under storage wood table safe the home space and you can easily attain require book. Back wall decorates with geometrical shape shelves and their inside also paints with yellow. Add freshness in living room with flower vase.

Classic Yellow Cottage Kitchen:


Hardwood floor give warm tone and easy clean surface of cottage kitchen. With soft yellow color cabinets paint and white ceiling “L” shaped kitchen really exemplify cottage style kitchen. In summer days leave the wood floor bare but add carpet or rug in winter. Kitchen window you should decorate with white utensils.

Classic Yellow Tulip Dining Room:


I love with classic yellow tulip dining room that is set in well manner. Luxury look give the room with yellow wall and contras furniture. Everything is in round shape like furniture and carpet. In jolly mood you can enjoy the dinner due to great efficiency of dining table and cup stool. Green color plants also available in dining room that introduce with natural beauty.

Surprising Classic Yellow Matching:


Your home balcony is that place where you sit and sand position enjoys the outer environment. But I hope you don’t earlier learn mix and match with classic yellow. With above image we easily define here that how you can get amazing and interesting space. Love yellow color cup chair is a reliable piece that arrange with a gray ottoman. Star and strip print black and white color carpet covered the floor for clean look.

Bedroom Yellow Drapery Fabric:


Bedroom is your personal room where you share your personal matter. You take rest in night after long busy day in your bedroom so you want clear and clean look of it. With dark brown wood floor everything is white in this room. Classic yellow color drapery fabric stops the light to enter in the room. Zebra design carpet lay down half under the bed and ottoman.
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