Aluminum door allow you to bring uniqueness and style in home interior. Aluminum door are best option of home and commercial building that way it become the most selling door type in the world. These doors are manufactured in wide variety of design and colors.  It’s long lasting and durable door crafted from extruded aluminum alloy. Aluminum doors are first choice of architectural designer as these doors have greater advantage then wood and PVC doors. Aluminum frame door with glass fitting allow you to bring illusionary accent.  Here we discuss features, types, color and design of aluminum door which clearly define why aluminum door are top on top of the list.



1.    Aluminum door are lightweight then other doors
2.    Aluminum door are available in wide verity of style as it’s easier to cut, weld and shaped door aluminum in fashionable doors.
3.    Aluminum doors are suitable for both indoor-outdoor, front and back doors.
4.    These doors also have weather resistance features.
5.    You can design aluminum door in any style and color without any threat.
6.    Aluminum door are easy to install.
7.    Maintenance cost   is very low then wood and plywood doors.
8.    It stainable and recycle
9.    Corrosion resistance level is very high as these doors design with powder coated.
10.    It’s durable and long life doors.
11.    Stainless steel details such as corner ties and cleats add extra strength and stability.
12.    Aluminum door provide high level of security.

Types of aluminum doors:


1.    Hinged doors
•    Bradley
•    Cookham
•    Draycott
•    Erlestock
•    Freshfold
•    Lechalde
1.    Sliding doors
2.    Pocket doors
3.    Bi-fold doors
4.    Pivot doors



Aluminum doors consider the most effective door type due to it neat look. These doors are available in wide range of colors and finishing. These door are beneficial for both functional and decorative prospective. Basically aluminum doors are available in white, black, chocolate brown, anthracite grey, ivory and caramel hues.

Aluminum sliding door:


Black finishing sliding Aluminum door is eye-pleasing interior of this modern home allow you to bring outside charm inside the room.  transparent glass fitted  Aluminum door is amazingly incorporated in this home  one  full wall door separate  dining room from corridor  while other  installed in patio  which  allow you to bring greenery accent inside the patio dining room.

Hinge Aluminum door:


This hinge style Aluminum door clearly mentions how much secure is it for you home. Its perfect door if you have small entrance area.  Black and gold accent hinged door look gorgeous with frosted glass narrow windows. Black and grey tones create grace which makes the entrance area more attractive.

Bi-fold aluminum doors:


Black aluminum frame and crystal clear bi-fold door are exotic exterior if this contemporary home. It’s stylish and elegant way to moving walls.  Full wall b six panel bi-fold doors allow you to fold the door to bring a feel of openness. It best option when you are in need of removing wall. These are chic door for home interior and exterior decoration.

Pivot Aluminum door:


Squarely crafted black aluminum frame pivot door is most interesting addition in modern home. It ideal door type if you have enough space to rotate door on a single points.  Glass panels aluminum doors are opulent interior perfectly matched with wooden floors and white walls.

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