Afternoon tea parties are relaxing and cheerful ideas to crowd you home to make fun and celebrate a special moment.   Tea party is great option to gather friends and family member to spend memorable time with them. You can plan outdoor or indoor tea part. The most   important thing is how to please the guest invited for tea party. These are something special to sever with tea.  Come one we have some rejuvenating tea snacks ideas easy to make and take lesser time.

Favorite filling sandwiches as tea snacks:


It’s yummy and mouthwatering tea party table decoration pleased the guest. Five different sandwiches are serve is delicate way to entertain guest. Here triple tire snack tray is filled with Ham salad, curried shrimp. Cucumber & strawberry and orange & cranberry are uses for sandwiches fillings.  Freeze   sandwich bread slices before serving.

Distinctive flavor tea salad sandwiches:


It’s nice and elegant ideas to set three different sandwiches in plates for individual. Sandwiches are different in taste and shapes. It light and well digests for tea party appetizer.  Triangular pumpernickel bread salad sandwich is filled with grain mixed mustered while the top is adorn with egg and olive. The second one is in rectangular shaped wrapped in cucumber stripes named as roasted beef tea salad sandwich.  Round salad sandwich is called as smoked-salmon sandwich filled with dill spread cream and pancetta.  Orange topping   give fruity flavor.

Delicious ham and pineapple sandwich:


Ham, pineapple and cucumber filling salad sandwiches are tasty and flavorsome snack   which please the crowd invited in tea party.  The salad sandwiches are too delicious make with unique flavor.  Ham, Cucumber and pineapple are filled in small sandwiches slices.  Lean cut cucumber slices and purple edible radish flower is set as the topper.  It lovely tea party snakes to keep the guest happier.

Smocked birdie salad sandwich:


This one is elegant and eye-popping tea snacks easy to make and take less time for preparation. You can make these pungent sandwiches just take 10-20 minutes to come on the part table.  Smoked birdie salad filled sandwiches make with boneless chicken, mustered. Smoke, honey, minced onion, carrots and wheat bread.  Wrapped the bread in roulade style and freeze it for one hour to set nicely and then cut it into slices and adorn with fresh carrot rosette and green leaves.

Fried samosas as tea snakes:


Samosas are all time favorite snacks love by everyone.  No one say no for it, chicken, or vegetables filled samosas are the real item to entertain your guest.  Yogurt paste increase the flavor and make it more taster and delightful.   Try these samosas for afternoon tea parties.

 Lemon tea-cake:


This one is mouthwatering bite-size snakes for tea parties named as moist lemon cakes. Lemon peels, eggs, cheese cream, butter, vanilla extracts and confectioners’ sugar are the main ingredients to these single bite party snacks. This glazer lemon tea cake is amazing recipe take little time to back and bring interesting and whimsically accent on tea party appetizer table.

Fruit Sando sandwich:


If you desired to bring something new and delicious other then savories them must try this lovely   sweet sandwiches filled with fruits and whipped cream.  It Japanese   sandwich   especially prepared for tea parties.  Sweet and cloud like whipped cream and fruits such as kiwi, strawberry and mango slices   used to filled wheat bread.  It pure Asian tea party snake famous through the world.

Philadelphia cream cheese sandwich:


Chocolate brown Philadelphia breaded is richly used to make tea party sandwich due to its flavor and darker hue.  Philadelphia cream cheese cake is ideas for afternoon tea parties and hottest sandwiches among girls. It unique tastes make them favorite tea snakes.  Forest hem meat slices, cucumber, fresh dill, lemon, Philadelphia bread and cream cheese are create a love flavor bound you friend to stay long in tea party.

Club grilled cheese sandwich:


Tomato feta tea sandwiches:


Crescent samosas for tea party:

12-easy-crescent-samosa-for-indian-style marble-tea-cake

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