Cupcakes are delicious dessert for Christmas celebration. Cream frosting and colorful embellishment make these cupcakes more attractive. It depends over you what recipe you choose to back tasty cupcake. Here we tell the way of decorating cupcake which perfectly unify with party theme. While decorating Christmas cake forgets the age and the gender just take it an interesting task. Decorating a Christmas cake is fun making idea. I love this job. Join us to get interesting Christmas cake decoration ideas.

Red sprinkle cupcake:


Red is romantic color yet here it pick as a color of good luck and fortune.  Red cupcake is best choice for holiday celebration. Cupcake is backed in red silicon lining while white cream apply as topping. Firstly crush all red edible in an open plate and then dip all cupcake in it one-by one. Here cute red cupcakes are ready for a delicious treat.

Whipped cream cupcakes:


I’m sure it statement compliment of Christmas party dessert table gain attention. Everyone feel automatically attracts toward these lovely cupcakes. White whipped cream ruffle gorgeously apply to festoon the cupcake which shapes a colorful Santa face when place together.

Smiley snowman faces cupcake:


Santa clause is the most important element of the Christmas celebration. Everyone is waiting for Santa as he comes with lots of gifts. Here sugar coated soft fruit jellies and candy cane used to male headphone while bunties, marshmallows use to draw face features. It’s chic Christmas cupcake for kids.

Christmas gift cupcakes:


Deserts and sweets are best way to celebrate Christmas. Its joyful days packed with lots of happiness. It a tradition to gives gifts to friends and family members.  Here different cupcakes are backed in two sizes in individual silicon liner.  White and turquoise color marshmallows are puts as gift over the creamy cupcakes while dark green whipped cream is apply to make Christmas tree along with colorful beads and stat decoration.

Strawberry topped chocolate cupcake:


It’s tastier and good looking Christmas cupcake for evening party celebration. Serve it as party appetizer or dessert to entertain guests. It simple and exotic way to adorn cupcakes take fewer time them others. Simple make a thin topping of white create and put fresh strawberry on it finely drop little cream on the top. It looks like a Santa hat.

Colorful lights cupcake:


Colorful lights are the essential decorative compliment of Christmas decoration. Cupcake is tasty and delicious way to entertain guests and family member that causes to scatter happiness on their faces. Brighter color bunties are nicely over the whipped cream topping while thin chocolate line makes to draw wires. It’s lovely cupcake.

Reindeer cupcake:


Try this fun making Christmas cupcake this time to make your celebration special and unforgettable.  Chocolate cupcake beautifully adorn in reindeer face shape that attract both kids and adults.  Gumballs, pretzels, Chocolate mousse and frosting are fabulously used to garnish this rejuvenating cupcake.

Snowflakes cupcakes:


Royal whipped ice-blue icing and white snowflakes are gorgeous ally apply to garnished this delicious chocolate cupcake. It’s lovely cupcake decoration idea for winter holiday celebration.
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