Mason Jars Christmas decorations are hottest topic of the season as Christmas celebration is just one month away from us. Christmas is joyful and pleasant occasion come with lots of happiness and smile. It gives little breaks and let to gather the happiness from your life.  Christmas is a way of scattering happiness among other and in return God shower his blessings upon you.

Christmas decoration is the first step while putting toward Christmas celebration. Mason jar light, centerpieces and globs whimsically adorn you home in delicate way. Here we bring most interesting and elegant way of Christmas decoration by using mason jars.

Mason jar candle holder:


It extremely beautiful hand craft gain attentions. Simplicity and elegance meets to gather. Glass Mason jar used to make visible candle holder which brilliantly grace-up Christmas table’s decoration.  Plaid printed stuff nicely wraps around the Mason jar and tight it with jute strings. Add tiny pine cone and winter try spikes to make it more beautiful. Thread wooden beaded in jute string to adorn ends.

Cute Mason jar centerpiece:


Mason jar is highly incorporated in diy projects especially in home decoration, decorating home are the fundamental aspect of charismas celebration. Mason jars are inexpensive and delightful decorative compliment for this kind of decoration. Make a stylish Mason jar centerpiece at home in simple way. Just take a mason jar and clean it nicely.  Put green leafy branches in it bottom and filled it with water, throw littler barrier init which float over the water along the tealight candle. It’s gorgeous centerpiece for your Kitchen Island, console table and even coffee table.

Christmas Mason jars globs:


It breathtaking mason jar centerpieces for winter holiday celebration. You can also adorn it as a Christmas gift present to your friends and family members.  Collect the related material such as tiny Christmas tree, little seesaw, white sand, and diy drafted snow men   and an empty clear mason jar. fill little portion of jar with white sand to give snowy effects and  put the  other element in remaining portion just show in the photograph. It’s chic centerpiece for Christmas celebration.

Mason jar dining table centerpiece:


It interesting and fu creating diy project let you to feel proud when someone praised it, it delicate diy Mason jar and sewing machine wooden box crafted centerpiece adorn dining tables.  White hand-painted wooden boxes are used to set tree individually decorated Mason jar vase to create a whimsical centerpiece that attain attentions.  Shimmery silver, glossy red and white inside painted Mason jar vase look beautiful with berries and silver snow flocks arrangements.

Mason jar  globes:


Recycle Mason jar in jaw-dropping globs which fabulously work as visible centerpieces. These globs centerpieces capture attention and create wow factor. It’s too easy to make a lovely winter globs with Mason jar.  Take mason jars and washed it nicely. Be careful while selecting a mason jars it free from scratches and give clear vision. Here two different diy winter globs by using snowman and Santa. Crushed seafoam are gorgeously used to give snowy effects while other decorative kits are bought from market. Knot the plaid printed ribbon along the lid cover for more elegance.

Mason jar kid parties ideas:


Diy drafted mason jars terrariums are adorable decorative compliment of Christmas party decoration. Three mason jars are dramatically festooned as winter inspired terrariums which become an attraction for kids.  Each jar filled with coco powder, rice, grains m green sweets, bears bread and colorful candy cane. Its tasty treat brings lots of water in mouth.

Hand-made Mason jar lights:


How is it possible to ignore Mason jar light when we talk about Christmas? Lights are the visible decorative elements. Entire Christmas decoration depends over the proper lighting. Candles are romantic and warmth option for winter holiday celebration. Here Mason jar is ingeniousally adorn as a candle holder which reveals lovely lights. Wool stuffy wrapped Mason jar furnished with green winter tree leaves red barriers and cinnamon stick which tied as the same [place along jute string.  Here is another Mason jar candle hurricane adorns with burlaps and crocket stuff.


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