Everyone desires to decorate little heave in his/her own style. They try best to do everything within their reach.  Home decoration doesn’t means you bring costly interior and centerpieces in home you can bring any objet which must adds artsy feeling. Pom-pom is lovely option to fascinate home without spending extra money. It’s affordable and eye-catching decorative element.  It’s easy to make it in home.

Let see how we make pom-pom wreath by own.


•    Chunky yarn
•    Hot gun& glue
•    Circular base
•    Ribbon hander
•    Other decorative objects


Firstly take yarn of your own choice and converts is soft and fluffy pom-pom which is so simple. Jus wrap the yarn around the fingers, make sure all finger are closer to each other, open it according to pom-pom size requirement, thing it shape a thicker layer then tie it from the center. Cut from both sides and then set in ball shape. It you feel difficulty then try it by using a folk. Know it time to paste pom-poms over the base. Turn on hot gun and then apply pom-pom at the frame. It’s good to insert other ornament according the situation.


Cheerful pom-pom wreath for Christmas:

Collects all Christmas ornament such as reindeer, Christmas, mushrooms and glittery bows and set them along colorful pom-poms. It crate opulent wreath spectacularly accent white textured wall. Pastel color fringe tassel also increate it charms. Take it in home to make your Christmas celebration more special.

Silver grey and white pom-pom wreath:


Decently grace home with soft yet elegant hue during winter holidays if you desired to enhance peaceful and purifying surrounding. White and silver grey yarn pom-pom and silver Christmas bells decorative wreath perfectly matches with room interior and Centerpieces place to captivate console table.

Fall pom-pom wreath decoration:


Pom-pom wreath is delicate source for seasonal base home decoration. Darker color pom-pom wreath, including brown, yellow, orange etc, artistically grace home walls or doors during fall season just shown in above photographs. Multi sizes pom-pom and burlap bow decorative wreath give add breathtaking charm in living room as it hand just over the rustic console table white bright orange and mustered yellow pom-pom wreath hang over the entrance door. Both wreaths are finest piece for fall decoration.

Christmas inspired pom-pom wreath:


Winter holidays are the most pleasant time. It brings lot of excitement and happiness which allow you to refresh mind and task break from the busiest lifestyle. Look above hand crafted wreath ingeniously design for Christmas decoration. It playful decorative piece must grabs attention. White pom-poms crafted wreath fabulously allure with rainbow color tiny ball while. It’s splendid wall hanging for console table wall treatments. On the other hand red and green pom-poms wreath perfectly unify with red reindeer and cubby candle holder.

Artistic pom-pom wreath door hanging:


Beautiful! It’s impressive idea to adorn home. These pom-pom wreaths are just not specified for event celebration. You can pop-in color and elegance all the time. Colorful pom-pom wreath is budgeted and easy crafted project take fewer times. Color selection is totally depending over your choice and taste and procedure we already discuss above. You can add other decorative objects along the yarn pom-pom.

Fluffy pom-pom wreath:


Are you excited to adorn home in usual way for Christmas, Just comes within days, Christmas celebration. Let try this enthralling pom-pom wreath gorgeously completed by knotting plaid printed scarf. It’s lovely wreath. Pure white wool surprisingly exquisite to make fluffy pom-pom, later stick on round frame along with scarf knot. Hand it over the door to create wow factor.

Pom-pom and paper flower wreath:


Pom-pom and paper flower is interesting combination bring lively accent. Colorful tiny pom-pom balls and larger diy paper flower decorative wreath fabulous decorative compliment for indoor and outdoor decoration. It’s appropriate choice for every festival celebration. Hang it with entrance door say warmth welcome to the guest.

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